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CNC Routing Services

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CNC Routing Services from Condor Cases

CNC Routing Services

At Condor Cases for our CNC routing services we have the use of an AXYZ 4010 router with a 10′ x 5′ bed and twin carriage one of which has quick tool change facility making it a very versatile machine for routing a variety of materials, the CNC router is programmed through toolpath software designed and supplied by AXYZ which accepts DXF and PLT files, we have also installed a second CNC router an AXYZ 4008 with a 8′ x 5′ bed programmed with the latest ArtCAM express 2011, this machine also has knife cutting and creasing wheel attachments allowing us to cut out and fold up Correx Boxes. With these machines we can rout a variety of materials up to depths of 100mm. No matter if it’s large lettering, complex shapes, foam inserts, one off panels or the smallest of engraving these machines are capable of routing it. So if it’s a flight case you are looking for or any CNC machining then the CNC routing at Condor Cases will insure you are getting a top quality and accurate product every time.

CNC Routing Services

CAD Design

At Condor Cases are designers use TurboCAD for the design of our flight cases and CNC machining we have found this to be an excellent and very cost effective CAD programme which uses TCW as it’s standard file format but will also accept DWG and DXF files along with many others. With this one program we can design the internal layout of the flight cases as well as external representation of what the cases will look like when complete, we are also able to draw 3D images within this program, and all panel drawings for our transit cases, foam insert drawings and most of our CNC Routed projects are all designed within TurboCAD.

CNC Routing ServicesCNC Routing Services, PlywoodCNC RoutingCNC Routing Service


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