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Foam Inserts

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CNC Routed Foam Inserts

Foam Products

Foam inserts

Condor Cases offers a full CAD design service foam all CNC routed foam inserts and foam products. You can either send us CAD drawing in the form of TCW, DWG and DXF files or we can work from customer drawings and sketches, or if available, drawings can be produced directly from the customer’s equipment. Our foam inserts can be supplied fitted into flight cases, plastic moulded cases, router moulded cases, drawers and tool boxes or supplied separately. All our foam inserts and foam products can be supplied in a range of colours and densities.

CNC Machining

CNC Routed Foam Inserts

Using Our Axyz 4010 and 4008 CNC Machine’s we are able to rout foam to depths of 100mm thick but if required inserts can be bonded together to give CNC Routed foam inserts of much larger depths. We are able to use cutter widths from 1mm to 13mm although we are not able to rout down to the full 100mm thick with some off the smaller cutters, we can also machine chamfers and radii onto the edges of foam to prevent damage when placing equipment into the foam inserts.

CNC Routing

Foam Products

The introduction of CNC routing and CNC machining technologies has enabled Condor Cases to produce very accurate foam inserts efficiently and cost effectively, as well as other foam products such as basic foam shapes and lettering, engineers and mechanics mats, presentation and display inserts. From one off designs to large quantities, we are able to offer a CNC routing service to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us with your CNC machining needs and we’ll be┬ávery happy to advise you further.

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