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Mixer Flight Cases

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Mixer Flight Cases from Condor Cases

Mixer Cases
Mixer flight cases

Condor Cases provide protective mixer flight cases for many hire companies which because the nature of there business a high level of protection is needed for the mixer units, these cases tend to be transport only flight cases and usually consist of corner foam blocks or CAD designed foam routed profiles to match the shape of the mixer, this gives a good amount of shock resistance to flight cases that are transported from place to place more than most.

Bespoke Mixer Cases

Mixer Flight Cases

Condor Cases also provide custom built mixer cases, DJ equipment cases, broadcast equipment cases and audio visual cases; where the mixer will be used within the case this can be achieved in a number of ways.

Top Hat: This is a flight case where the base is very shallow with minimum contact to the mixer and the larger lid containing the majority of the supporting foam, once at your venue just remove the lid and you have all the space around the mixer to connect your cables.

Rack Mounted: If your mixer comes or can be fitted with rack ears then these flight cases are for you, the rackstrip can be fitted to the flight case flat or at a preferred angle to suit you or a tilting rack frame can be fitted so the angle of the mixer can be changed at any time, these cases can be constructed with multiple lids and fitted with IEC.

Mixer Cases From Condor Cases

Allen & Heath

  • GL2000-424 Mixer Case
  • GL2200-412 Mixer Case
  • GL2400-432 Mixer Case
  • GL4000 Mixer Case
  • PA12-CP Mixer Case
  • PA20-CP Mixer Case
  • WZ20S Mixer Wizard Mixer Case
  • Xone 464 Mixer Case
  • Xone 62 Mixer Case


  • DJM500 Mixer Case
  • DJM600 Mixer Case
  • DJM700 Mixer Case
  • DJM800 Mixer Case
  • DJM1000 Mixer Case

  • 01V Digital Mixer Case
  • 03D Digital Mixing Console Case
  • AW1600 Mixer Case
  • AW4416 Mixer Case
  • DM1000 Mixer Case
  • EMX2000 Mixer Case
  • EMX5014C Powered Mixer Case
  • EMX512SC Powered Mixer Case
  • LS9-16CH Mixer Case
  • LS9-32CH Mixer Case


  • LX7 Mixer Case
  • M12 Mixer Case
  • Powerstation 600 Mixer Case
  • Series 200B Mixer Case
  • Spirit 16 Channel Mixer Case
  • Spirit 24 Channel Mixer Case
  • Spirit E8 Sound Desk Mixer Case
  • Spirit ES Mixing Desk
  • Spirit Folio 10 Channel Mixer Case
  • Spirit Live 16:4:2 Case

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