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Highly Engineered Custom Flight Cases

Condor Cases Ltd is able to manufacture unique highly engineered custom flight cases to suit your needs.

Engineered Flight Case 1Engineered Flight Case 2

The images show custom-engineered cases to house seamless pit walling panels and the associated components for the motorsport industry. Due to the size of these cases, the combined weight of items going inside and the complexity of the internals, a complete rethink on how we made flight cases was needed.

Because of the weight going into the case, we went with a tubular steel frame to create the basic structure of the case. Inside this frame, we used a combination of CNC routed white nylon and v-cut and folded lightweight polypropylene panels to create various slots and compartments for the customers equipment, all finished off with a CNC routed Black nylon fascia.

Underneath you will find aluminium forklift runners and 200mm heavy-duty castors with a load rating of 800kg, fitted to a special made removable castor plate and bolted though into the steel frame structure. This is all then clad in a heavy-duty polypropylene honeycomb panel and finished off to look like any other flight case.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, contact us at sales@condor-cases.co.uk  or call us on 01525-540021.

Engineered Flight Case 3

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