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Lighting Flight Cases

Lighting Flight Cases

Chauvet Intimidator 350 x 2 Lighting Flight Cases


Chauvet Intimidator Flight Case

Lighting Flight CasesOne of the many lighting flight cases being manufactured at Condor Cases Ltd, the flight case shown will securely and safely transport two of the Chauvet Intimidator 350 lights with space in the centre to store all your cables. These cases are made using a strong 9mm birch plywood hexagrip panel and are fitted with castors for easy transportation. Theyalso have castor dishes in the top panel, for the cases to be safely stacked on top of each other for better storage. Inside the case you will find CNC routed foam inserts and a soft eggcrate foam on the bottom panel to hold the moving head of the light securely in the flight case.

Strong and robust, these flight cases are perfect for events, lighting and hire companies who have to transport expensive equipment regularly  from place to place. All our cases are custom made to suit each customer’s requirements so please call us on 01525-540201 or email us at sales@condor-cases.co.uk





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