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Modular Flight Case Manufacturers

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Modular Flight Cases & Briefcases


Modular Flight Case Manufacturers

Custom Made Modular Flight Case ManufacturersAs one of  UK’s leading modular flight case manufacturers, we designed this system to use casemaker, hybrid and lidmaker similar to the more standard flight cases but with flush ABS corners and brace, to create a smooth, stylish and modern transit case, especially when used with the new plastic moulded catches and handles. These cases are also fast and efficient to assemble, are designed to fit a 7mm panel and are most suited to small to medium size flight cases.


Modular Briefcase

Exploded View of Modular Case

The Modular Briefcase is a stylish aluminium briefcase featuring a slot together system of flush ABS corners with aluminium basemaker and lidmaker. This style of case is particularly suitable for protecting delicate or valuable instrumentation and because of the smooth, modern external finish, where presentation and company image need to be considered. A wide range of 4.5mm thick panel materials is used providing a large choice of external colours and textures. The use of modular aluminium extrusions enables cases to be produced with internal heights ranging from 40mm to 200mm, the double walls of the extrusions ensureing that the insides of these cases are completely smooth.



Custom Made Modular Briefcase



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